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Environmental orientation of trading.

OIS Capital earns from investing in technologies that save energy and protect the environment.

In addition, we invest in any technology that allows us to most efficiently conduct online trading with basic cryptocurrency resources, thus optimizing our own investment risks and increasing total profits.

Trading optimization systems

OIS Capital is an Australian company that implements any promising trading and ecotransformation technologies into the daily online trading process, not only for stable profits, but also for future generations to live on a clean planet.

We optimize our own trading approaches, combining the tactics of short-term deals concluding and the purchase of promising technologies into a single business tool. In the complex, this makes our business highly competitive and in demand around the world.

Investment and insurance support

Our company was created as a reliable business structure capable of generating high profits for its investors by using online trading and environmentally oriented investment. At the same time, every investment made in the company by our client is protected by our technologies, high qualifications of traders and high technologies used by us iat the our activities performing.

The insurance support that we provide further increases the attractiveness of cooperation, bringing the company’s business to the maximum level of investment reliability.

Success, transparency and reliability of business

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The basis of the company’s business is the applying of current innovative trading technologies and a highly effective crew of specialists who strive for common success and prosperity.

Our vision is an environmentally oriented business, bringing not only profits to inverters, but also benefits in the preservation of the environment.

Our strategy is the purchase of promising technologies of not obvious commercial demand with subsequent actions aimed at their progressive development and highly effective introduction into everyday life with the maximum increased commercial demand.

We get profit both for ourselves and for investors, because our business and our products are in demand on the global market and, in addition, because our trading is provided with stable and modern technologies, which significantly increases the overall security background of investment and the concluded online deals.

Our interaction with customers is performs on the basis of the company's website, using which each registered user will be able to realize his own hopes for wealth and safe passive income online.

How investors’ profit is generated

01. Pool Investment formation

Based on investments created in the company by clients, OIS Capital forms an investment pool, which is further managed by the company’s traders, concluding deals online after analyzing exchange and investment instruments. Short-term contracts are allows to maximize the profit from investments, optimizing the investment process.

02. An online deals making

The trader makes the deal only after a comprehensive study and analysis. In this process, for him is assisted by innovative algorithms and programs that can significantly reduce the likelihood of error when concluding a trading contract. OIS Capital makes deals not only in large global stock and cryptocurrency exchanges, but also buys technologies.

03. Profit distribution

Once the contracts have completed their work, the time has come to monetize the work performed and then distribute the profits to the interested parties. Each client of the company who has an active deposit in OIS receives his share of profit in accordance with the terms of the investment plan in the form of accruals by this deposit.

Real-time data

Below are the statistics updated periodically in real time, which reflect the main indicators of the company’s online cooperation with investors, as well as the dynamics of registrations

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Total deposited

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Total withdrawals

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Why is OIS Capital the most right choice?

The main value of the company is people who form the image and spirit of the OIS Capital.

From the very beginning of the company’s creating, people came into it seeking to achieve the highest level of professionalism, because the OIS Capital is a company that is able to give the best conditions for the growth and development of your skills.

We’ve never risked at the doing stock trading. We have the possibility of insurance support for investments and we always use exclusively the most advanced technologies in our business to help minimize investment losses.

But there is else also what makes OIS Capital a truly unique company. This is an ecotransformation of trading business directions. We diversified investment, focusing not only on trading, but also on buying eco-technologies. Environmental orientation of our company’s trading is that OIS earns money by investing in technologies that save energy, resources and protect the environment.

For example. We are investing in the purchase of a new lithium-ion battery charge storage algorithm. The essence of the concept is that with the same resource capacity, a battery with a new algorithm will liive 30% longer. It is easy to understand that the shares of a company that has developed this algorithm will rise in price in the very near future. And this is a signal for our traders to start a full monitoring and analysis of the future deal.

If the transaction looks reliable, we check all other parameters, including specialized algorithms and programs that can significantly reduce the likelihood of error when concluding a trading contract. And only after all the parameters are checked, the trader will buy the shares of this promising company.

Thus, high efficiency of profit generating is achieved and our investors may not worry about the risk-free origin of our trading conducted by OIS Capital specialists in their interests.

The highly efficient crew of traders, analysts and financiers.

Insurance support for all types of an online investment rom OIS Capital

Innovative technologies for minimizing trading risks from OIS Capital

Ecotransformation of trading business directions from OIS Capital

High efficiency of profit generating from an online trading

Transparency of business activity and competitiveness all offers



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